Your right

Your Right – Increasing transparency, accountability and public participation in significant infrastructural and environmental projects and plans

Objective of the project is to contribute to the rule of law and application of good governance principles in Serbia through promotion of available legal instruments which guarantee rights to access to information, public participation and access to justice in environmental matters. 

  • Why? Good governance and the rule of law are essential preconditions for democratic development and for enjoyment of the rights to health and preserved environment. Also, civil society organizations, local activists and even experts community are not well educated and skilled to utilize available legal instruments to protect the law and enable exercising of democratic rights, particularly right to good governance.
  • How? Renewables and Environmental Regulatory Institute aims to: 1. Increase transparency and accountability of public authorities related to planning and implementation of significant infrastructural and environmental projects on local level; 2. Expose competent authorities and responsible public officials to legal and social responsibility in cases where environment and public interests are jeopardized by non-transparent and non-inclusive planning and construction processes; 3. Enable civil society to utilize legal tools and remedies to challenge corruption and breaching of good governance principles. 
  • Target groups? Civil society organizations; local activists and human rights defenders; experts and professional associations in the field of environment, architecture, urban planning, cultural heritage.


  • Legal assessment and monitoring of significant infrastructural plans, projects and activities with potential adverse environmental effects and potential corruption risks; 
  • Launching administrative and court proceedings related to the cases where breaching of applicable laws and procedures are justified; 
  • Providing legal support to civil society and local activists. 

The project is being realized from 17 June until 17 November 2019 supported by the Foundation for Internet and Society METAMORPHOSIS within the project “ACTION SEE – Accountability, Technology and Institutional Openness Network in SEE Project” funded by European Union. 

Case studies in this project:

CASE STUDY SHP CITLUK – Construction of SHP without nature protection conditions

CASE STUDY SHP ROCNJAK – Termination of a construction permit due to expiry

CASE STUDY SHP ZVONCE – Breaching the law on so many level