Who We Are

What is RERI

Renewables and Environmental Regulatory Institute – “RERI” is a non-governmental and non-profit organization established to achieve goals in the field of protection, preservation and improvement of the environment.

Raising awareness of environment’s importance in people’s lives, all through the use of legal instruments and the best available legal techniques, is the main goal of our organization.


Our Mission

Through our professionalism and expertise, we want to fight for the achievement of our goals and the right to a healthy environment, to develop close cooperation with other organizations that strive for the same values.

We believe that this way we can achieve the best results. We want to help the development of awareness of the population regarding importance of protecting the environment, primarily through the implementation of European values and regulations.


Our Vision

We believe that there is no progress and a better future without establishing a balance and a link between mankind and nature. We want to point to good practice and practical solutions to the problems that we face today as a society.

We want to offer a solution and a vision of a better future and to contribute to the fight for nature to defend the core values on which it`s built.


Our Values


Our culture is based on the integrity and, above all, respect for nature. Our concern for the preservation of nature is the basic postulate and the reason for our existence.


We set in front of us the highest quality standards and base our work on research, science, professionalism and expertise.


We operate, plan and set guidelines for the future and well-being of our organization, partners, community and the planet.


End-users and partners deserve our full commitment and maximum attention. We work proactively, innovatively and flexibly, thus continually expanding the circle of our clients, partners and friends.


Continuously improving quality standards and personal approach to our activities, as well as choosing reliable partners, we come to effective and secure solutions to the common good.


In our day-to-day work, we act conscientiously and responsibly. With our proactive approach to the tasks in front of us, we strive to improve the results of our own operations and put them in the service of our working and living environment.