What We Do

Training Course

Organization of trainings for local authorities and institutions (as well as state institutions and institutions of autonomous province), civil sector and other interested public organizations and individuals for better implementation of laws and other regulations in the areas of environmental protection, renewable energy, and climate change.

We want to use the law as a tool that will connect local self-governed institutions, civil sectors and interested public and encourage them to work together in the field of environmental protection, all for the benefit of the local community, in order to provide an adequate insight to the simplest way to tackle environmental challenges and problems, the sustainable development and exploitation of renewable energy sources.

Raising Awareness

Preparation of info-manuals, brochures and other user-friendly materials, which contributes to better understanding of regulation application, practice and international treaties, directives and other regulations – bringing closer and better understanding of the regulatory framework, examples of good (primarily EU) practice.

Finding out ways for regular application of the existing and proposing the introduction of new instruments in the area of environmental protection; enabling the acquisition of knowledge and skills should be applied within the environmental protection field.

Alignment of Regulation

Work on the harmonization and implementation of international (primarily EU Directives) regulations with domestic legislation – bearing in mind the slow process of harmonization of domestic with the EU legislation in the field of environmental protection, as well as inadequate implementation of the existing regulations, primarily on local level;

there is a need to pay more attention to the strengthening of the capacities of the employees in the local governments, civil sector and the interested public and their introduction to the European traditions in this field, in order to solve the problems in more efficient way, primarily, in the sense of demands placed before the Republic of Serbia within the negotiating process Chapter 27.

Expert Assistance

Expert assistance in achieving our right to healthy environment – We provide support in procedures that underlie the threat and infringement of right to a healthy environment in the widest sense of this word.

Law and legal instruments are seen as an opportunity and tools for environmental protection, through comprehensive research and analysis of positive domestic and international regulations and comparative legal practices.