Your Right

Your Right – Environmental Protection by the Law

Project contributes to the strengthening of rule of law and environmental protection in Serbia through application and promotion of available legal instruments which are guarantee right to healthy and safeguarded environment, rights to access to information, public participation and access to justice.

Objectives of the project

In 2020 RERI will continue to utilize strategic litigation and monitoring of procedures conducted by relevant public authorities in order to:

  • improve law enforcement related to environmental protection;
  • foster good governance and increase transparency and accountability of public authorities; and
  • enable enjoyment of human and citizens’ rights related to environment.


Specific focus of RERI’s activities will be on the following issues:

  • Monitoring of environmental impact assessment procedures and boosting public participation in environmental decision making;
  • Monitoring of air protection policy on central and local level;
  • Preparation and conduction of strategic environmental litigations and administrative procedures;
  • Providing support and legal advising to activists, civil society organizations and citizens in cases when their rights are violated or access to justice restricted.

The project is being realized from 1 March – 31 October 2021, supported by the “Heinrich Böll Stiftung“ foundation.