Your right in your hands – strengthening the capacity of the civil society to defend the right to a healthy and preserved environment by legal means

With the support of the National Coalition for Decentralization, RERI will develop its capacities in the field of strategic and program planning in order to establish itself as a competent, transparent and sustainable social service for citizens in the field of environmental protection and protection of human and citizens rights.

Insufficient information and understanding of the legal framework, rights and duties, diminishes the readiness of citizens, associations and professional organisations to utilize institutional and legal instruments for protecting the environment, human and civil rights. RERI therefore focuses a significant part of its community work on educating and strengthening the capacity of individuals and groups in need of legal support and assistance in the field of environmental protection.

In order to effectively respond to the needs of target groups and increase the efforts to improve the rule of law and environmental protection, RERI plans to improve the strategic framework, monitoring and resolving cases of abuse of public authority, violations and threats to human and civil rights and the environment, as well as to develop a comprehensive educational programme tailored to the various target groups with which it cooperates.

The project is being implemented from the 1st of July 2021 until the 30th of April, 2022 with the support of the National Coalition for Decentralization, within the project “Your place in Serbia” which is implemented together with partners CRTA, ORCA, Foundation “Jelena Šantić” and Media and reform the center of Niš, with financial support from USAID.