Projects we are currently working on are listed here:

Impact of pollutant emissions from thermal power plant on the environment, public health and energy transition

Your right in your hands – strengthening the capacity of the civil society to defend the right to a healthy and preserved environment by legal means

BIG DEAL – Combating pollution, nature degradation and corruption related to foreign investments and projects of national importance in Serbia

Strengthening supervisory mechanisms and protection of the right to a healthy and preserved environment in the Republic of Serbia

Regional cooperation for a better environment in the Western Balkans

Improving the Legal Framework and Practice of Conducting Environmental Impact Assessment in Serbia

Your Right – Environmental Protection by the Law

ENFORCE – Enforcing mechanisms for corruption prevention in the field of construction, urban and spatial planning and environmental protection

Corruption Planning and Construction – Combating Corruption and Breaching of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedom in Urban and Spatial Planning

Local communities are faster and stronger in the fight against corruption

Your air – your right: support for citizen participation in creating air protection policy in Belgrade

Your Belgrade – Your right: Improving the Transparency and Accountability of public authorities, prevent corruption and strengthening civilian oversight of the implementation of environmental policy in Belgrade

Your right – Increasing transparency, accountability and public participation in significant infrastructural and environmental projects and plans

I have rights and I am not afraid to use them –
Advancement of communication and availability of information about legal resources for environmental protection and protection of human and civil rights

Your Right – Environmental Protection by the Law

Let Us Talk About Permits – Construction Permits and the Capture of Public Resources

Western Balkan Coal Project: Energy, Environmental Democracy and Clear Air in Serbia

Your Right – Promoting Transparency and Accountability of Public Authorities in Planning and Implementing Projects of Importance to the Local Community




Partners & Donors: