Projects we are currently working on are listed here:

Environment, climate change and human rights

Contribution to the Improvement of Climate Resilience and Effectiveness of Climate Mitigation Policies in the Republic of Serbia

VOLVOX – Stronger involvement of civil society in environmental policy making and monitoring

Your Rights – Environmental Protection by the Law

(Un)protected Witness – Strengthening Civil Society Legal Standings for Combatting Corruption in Environment, Urban Planning and Construction

Energy transition in citizens hands

Regional cooperation for a better environment in the Western Balkans

BLACKBOOK – Empowering citizens to combat systemic corruption in water management in Serbia

Impact of pollutant emissions from thermal power plant on the environment, public health and energy transition

Your right in your hands – strengthening the capacity of the civil society to defend the right to a healthy and preserved environment by legal means

BIG DEAL – Combating pollution, nature degradation and corruption related to foreign investments and projects of national importance in Serbia

Strengthening supervisory mechanisms and protection of the right to a healthy and preserved environment in the Republic of Serbia

Improving the Legal Framework and Practice of Conducting Environmental Impact Assessment in Serbia

Your Right – Environmental Protection by the Law

ENFORCE – Enforcing mechanisms for corruption prevention in the field of construction, urban and spatial planning and environmental protection

Corruption Planning and Construction – Combating Corruption and Breaching of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedom in Urban and Spatial Planning

Local communities are faster and stronger in the fight against corruption

Your air – your right: support for citizen participation in creating air protection policy in Belgrade

Your Belgrade – Your right: Improving the Transparency and Accountability of public authorities, prevent corruption and strengthening civilian oversight of the implementation of environmental policy in Belgrade

Your right – Increasing transparency, accountability and public participation in significant infrastructural and environmental projects and plans

I have rights and I am not afraid to use them –
Advancement of communication and availability of information about legal resources for environmental protection and protection of human and civil rights

Your Right – Environmental Protection by the Law

Let Us Talk About Permits – Construction Permits and the Capture of Public Resources

Western Balkan Coal Project: Energy, Environmental Democracy and Clear Air in Serbia

Your Right – Promoting Transparency and Accountability of Public Authorities in Planning and Implementing Projects of Importance to the Local Community




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