Kolubara B

The public session of the Plans Commission for the Plan of the Special Purpose Area for the Construction of the Thermal Power Plant Kolubara B was discontinued

Today, the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, despite obvious organizational shortcomings, tried to hold a public session of the Commission for Plans within the public insight into the draft Plan of the Special Purpose Area for the Construction of the Thermal Power Plant Kolubara B and the Report on Strategic Environmental Assessment. After the ...Read More »

tire factory

Public presentation without public and study without impact

Today, the City Administration of the City of Zrenjanin prevented citizens from participating in the public presentation of the study on the environmental impact assessment of the tire factory construction of the Chinese company Linglong International Europe LLC. Around 50 citizens and representatives of associations, who submitted comments and suggestions on the environmental impact assessment ...Read More »

Aarhus Convention

Is Serbia applying the Aarhus Convention?

The Ministry of Environmental Protection has initiated the procedure of drafting the Fourth National Report on the Implementation of the Aarhus Convention, in accordance with the international obligations of the Republic of Serbia. The Fourth Report is being prepared after 10 years of application of the Aarhus Convention in Serbia, and all interested parties can ...Read More »

freedom of speech

The Rule of Law and Freedom of the Media are Undisputed Keepers of Public Interest Which Must Not be Compromised in a State of Emergency

RERI condemns the arrest of journalist Ana Lalić and urges all public authorities to obey the laws and provide all conditions for truthful, free and accurate informing of citizens, and to provide full protection to journalists who perform their jobs professionally. The availability of information through free media at this time of pandemic is as ...Read More »

Administrative and Court Deadlines

Administrative and Court Deadlines During the State of Emergency in Republic of Serbia

Background On 15 March 2020 Serbian authorities declared state of emergency (“SoE”) on the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia. Upon initial confusion and restricted access to competent authorities and reduced working hours of all institutions, in order to achieve minimal standards of legal certainty, Government of the Republic of Serbia (“Government”) adopted legal ...Read More »


Conferences “SHP Construction – Economic Justification, Rule of Law and Protection of Natural Resources”

Last week, two conferences about construction of SHPP – economic justification, rule of law and protection of natural resources were held in Zlatibor and Niš by the Renewables and Environmental Regulatory Institute (RERI) and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). Previous Next These events brought together over 70 participants – civil sector activists, environmental ...Read More »

air pollution

Energy Community initiated the procedure against Serbia for non- implementing the National Emission Reduction Plan

Republic of Serbia does not implement National Emission Reduction Plan which is why the Secretariat of the Energy Community initiated proceedings against the Republic of Serbia on January 15, 2020. RERI earlier pointed that Serbia does not apply the regulations of the Energy Community by failing to take measures to ensure compliance of emissions from ...Read More »


RERI Submitted Requests for Official Recognition on Permit Validity Cessation of Small Hydropower Plants in Topli Do and Prokuplje

Renewables and Environmental Regulatory Institute (RERI) have submitted requests to competent administrative authority about building permits for the construction of the small hydropower plant “Topli Dol 1” in the village Topli Do (municipality of Pirot), as well as for SHPP “Rastovnica” in the municipality of Prokuplje. RERI submitted request to the Ministry of Construction, Transport ...Read More »