air pollution

Historic ruling: Serbia’s state energy supplier must slash toxic plant emissions nationwide

Higher Court in Belgrade rules in favor of Serbian environmental organization in lawsuit against state-owned energy company

The Higher Court in Belgrade has ruled in favor of Renewables and Environmental Regulatory Institute (RERI) and ordered Serbia’s state-owned energy company, Public Electricity Company of Serbia (EPS), to reduce illegal levels of sulfur dioxide emissions from its thermal power plants because of their threat to human health and the environment. “This is the first ...Read More »


Zijin Copper continues illegal construction in Bor

RERI and the Association of Young Researchers Bor (AYR Bor) submitted extraordinary inspection surveillance requests to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure due to the suspicion that the company “Serbia Zijin Bor Copper” doo Bor illegally constructed a mining wastewater treatment plant – without a construction permit and ...Read More »

criminal complaint

Based on the criminal complaint submitted by RERI, Zijin Copper and the director of the company were fined one million dinars for the pollution of the river Mali Pek

Acting on the criminal complaint filed by RERI against the company Zijin Copper, as well as the company’s responsible person for causing heavy metal pollution to the Mali Pek River in March 2021, the competent public prosecutor’s office in Negotin issued an Order requiring Zijin Copper and the responsible person to pay the amount of ...Read More »

Ministry of Environmental Protection

How to plan hazardous waste management in an irresponsible manner?

In Serbia, the field of waste management has not been regulated by any strategic document since 2019. In 2020, within the framework of the project implemented jointly with the European Union, the Ministry of Environmental Protection prepared the Draft National Waste Management Strategy, which was intended to regulate this field after the Waste Management Strategy ...Read More »

Public Electricity Company of Serbia

Fire outbreak in thermal power plant Nikola Tesla is a matter of individual criminal responsibility within Power Electricity Company of Serbia

On 25 January 2022, the Renewables and Environmental Regulatory Institute (RERI) filed a criminal complaint against the responsible person, acting Director and Legal Representative of the Public Electricity Company of Serbia (EPS), Milorad Grčić, due to grounds for suspicion that he committed the crime of Grave Offenses against General Safety, prescribed by Article 288 paragraph ...Read More »

Energy Transition

Busting the myth: the chronology of coal use in Serbia

By Mirjana Jovanović (Belgrade Open School), Mirko Popović (Renewables and Environmental Regulatory Institute) and Viktor Berishaj (CAN Europe) 28 December 2021, Belgrade – The recent collapse of the coal based energy system in Serbia, debunks the popular myth of coal’s reliability. On December 12, 2021, the electricity production in Nikola Tesla coal fired thermal power plants, the energy ...Read More »

Law on the Integrated Prevention and Pollution Control

Government of the Republic of Serbia once again proposed delay in application of the Law on the Integrated Prevention and Pollution Control

The proposed amendments to the Law on Integrated Prevention and Pollution Control (IPPC Law), which was submitted to the National Assembly without any public debate, demonstrate that the Republic of Serbia and the competent Ministry of Environmental Protection do not have the capacity to implement regulations. The Government proposed to postpone the deadline for issuing integrated permits (IPPC permits) ...Read More »

advisory board

RERI Proudly Announces its Advisory Board

The Renewables and Environmental Regulatory Institute („RERI“) is pleased to announce its Advisory Board, which will act as an expert body of our organization, and advise RERI on issues of strategic importance, as well as provide support to RERI’s engagement with the academic, civic, and policy-making communities.    We have special honour to welcome the three first members of our new Board: Professors Sanja Bogojevic, Anatole Boute, and Ludwig Kramer, each an expert in Environmental Law and/or Energy ...Read More »