Jovan Rajić

Chairman of the Board

Jovan is an attorney at law with more than seven years of professional experience. He was working in Real Estate, Energy and Environmental departments of leading law firms in Serbia, representing highly reputable international clients and multinational corporations alike. He has worked on some of the pioneering renewable energy projects in Serbia and Montenegro, before he established solo practice in 2014.

He is expert in energy and environmental law, with particular focus on EU law. He was also engaged in several projects dedicated to compliance of domestic regulations with the EU acquis.

He is author of many articles and publications on themes related to domestic and European energy law. Jovan is founder of Renewables and Environmental Regulatory Institute (RERI) and founding member of Serbian Energy Law Association.

He is fluent in English. Member of Belgrade and Serbian Bar since 2014.

Mirko Popvić

Programme Director

Mirko is experienced project manager, environmental activist and independent policy analyst.

After fifteen years of work with civil society, public authorities and international organisations Mirko gained advanced management, training and presentation skills. He is policy analyst and researcher dedicated to democratisation and citizens’ engagement in evidence-based policy debate.

His area of interest is Aarhus Convention, Environmental Impact Assessment, EU environmental, climate and energy policy, adoption and implementation of EU environmental standards in Serbia.

He published and edited various relevant publications related to environmental and energy governance, public participation, democracy and good governance.

Atila Mraznica

Head Litigator

Atila poses wide experience in representing clients in administrative procedures and disputes, civil litigation, criminal and misdemeanour proceedings. He also has years of experience in commercial law.

He spent two years in Dispute Resolution department at one of the leading regional law firms, prior to establishing his own practice. He represented domestic and foreign energy companies in court proceedings before domestic courts and authorities, as well as in Republika Srpska.

Atila is a member of the Belgrade Bar Association since 2012. He is fluent in Serbian, Hungarian and English.

Samir Ćeranić

Lead Attorney for Montenegro

Samir poses extensive legal experience in court representation and commercial law in general, with the specific knowledge and practical approach to Montenegrin market and legal system.

After graduated from the Law Faculty, University of Montenegro in 2006, he was working as the associate in Basic court in Herceg Novi until 2010, within both Criminal and Civil Departments. From 2010, Samir works as an independent lawyer in Montenegro, with particular focus on Real Estate and Energy market.

He is a member of Montenegrin Bar Association since 2013 and member of RERI and the lead attorney for Montenegro since 2017. He is fluent in English.

Marko Pavlović

Legal Expert

Marko is one of the co-founders of RERI. He is a legal expert specialized for dispute resolution and “green” construction and sustainable development issues. Apart from this, Marko shows significant interest in climate change, both from the practical and scientific perspective.

Marko graduated in 2016 from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade and also worked in state and local institutions, tax departments.

He is fluent in English and speaks Spanish.

Marija Mraznica

Communication Manager

Marija is an independent designer with ten years of experience in various fields of design and organization of workflow. By combining knowledge in the field of graphic, web and UX design with social media marketing, she creates the recognizable identity of RERI.

She graduated in 2008 from the College of Fine and Applied Arts, University of Belgrade as an Interior Designer.

Marija is fluent in Hungarian and English.

Managing Board

  • Jovan Rajić, Attorney at Law, President of the Managing Board
  • Mirko Popović, RERI Programme Director and President of the RERI Assembly
  • Atila Mraznica, RERI Head Litigator
  • Sofija Mandić, Legal expert and human rights activist
  • Stevan Petrović, Environmental activist
  • Marko Pavlović, Legal expert