Let Us Talk About Permits

Let Us Talk About Permits – Construction Permits and the Capture of Public Resources

Objective of the project is to increase the visibility of public authority’s abuse and absence of accountability of public authorities when granting construction permits, drafting planning and urban planning acts. These problems create preconditions for the realization of projects that capture public spaces and endanger natural resources, thereby directly harming local communities. 

Problem description 

The public is excluded from drafting planning documents and construction permitting procedures. These activities are often followed by accidentally or intentionally misuses by public authorities, all for benefit of investors, and in detriment of public interest. Research conducted by Anti-Corruption Agency has shown that there is a high risk of corruption in the process of granting location conditions and construction permits. However, nothing has been done to reduce or eliminate these risks. Numerous abuses lead to local community reactions and conflicts with investors, especially in case of building small hydropower plants. 

Project objectives 

With this project, RERI seeks to strengthen civil society, which will contribute to eliminating the problem of corruption and the lack of transparency in the process of granting construction permits. Through this project, we specifically support local initiatives that require accountability in the work of public institutions and decision makers. We also seek to connect civil society and academic community in the fight for the sustainable and responsible management of public goods and natural resources. 

RERI seeks to improve the knowledge, awareness and capacity of civil society to combat corruption and to advocate for transparency and accountability of public authorities in the fields of planning, urbanism and construction, therefore to: 

  1. Increase the level of public awareness of availabe mechanisms for participation in decision-making process and improve transparency and accountability of public authorities; 
  1. Promote and develop cooperation between civil society and professional public in combating corruption and support implementation of civilian oversight of work done by public authorities. 

Target groups 

Civil society organizations and activists (in the fields of anti-corruption, promotion of transparency, accountability and environmental protection), experts and professional associations dealing with spatial planning, urbanism, cultural heritage protection, nature protection, legal experts, lawyers and independent Media. 


1. Analysis of the risks of corruption, transparency and accountability of public authorities in the fields of planning, urbanism and construction; 

2. Developing guidelines and recommendations for improving knowledge and information in the fight against corruption and advocating transparency and accountability of public authorities in the fields of planning, urbanism and construction; 

3. Two conferences and consultations with civil society organizations and experts and professional associations in the field of environment, architecture, urban planning, cultural heritage. 

The project is being realized from 1st October 2019. until 30th March 2020 within the initiative “Citizens Have Power” support by USAID and CRTA.