Based on the criminal complaint submitted by RERI, Zijin Copper and the director of the company were fined one million dinars for the pollution of the river Mali Pek

photo: Nebojša Joksić

Acting on the criminal complaint filed by RERI against the company Zijin Copper, as well as the company’s responsible person for causing heavy metal pollution to the Mali Pek River in March 2021, the competent public prosecutor’s office in Negotin issued an Order requiring Zijin Copper and the responsible person to pay the amount of 1,000,000.00 dinars for humanitarian purposes due to the criminal offense of environmental pollution.

In March 2021, the public was disturbed by the pollution of the Pek River, which took on a cloudy, red, copper and green color due to the activities of the Zijin Copper Company.

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