Government of Republic of Serbia once again proposed delay in application of the Law on the Integrated Prevention and Pollution Control

Photo: pixabay.com

The proposed amendments to the Law on Integrated Prevention and Pollution Control (IPPC Law), which was submitted to the National Assembly without any public debate, demonstrate that the Republic of Serbia and the competent Ministry of Environmental Protection do not have the capacity to implement regulations. The Government proposed to postpone the deadline for issuing integrated permits (IPPC permits) to large polluters, this time until the end of 2024. Postponing the deadline for issuing IPPC permits is a clear signal to polluters that the laws do not apply to them and that the state will always be there to support them in lawlessness because it itself  does not care for the laws and is not able to implement them. 

The draft Law on Amendments to the IPPC Law was adopted at the 86th session of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, held on October 21, and submitted to the National Assembly on 22 October 2021. The draft law contains only three articles, and Article 2 proposes to postpone the deadline for issuing IPPC permits for existing plants until 31 December 2024. Currently applicable law prescribe that the deadline for obtaining the IPPC permits expired on 31 December 2020.  

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