RERI Demands that the Constitutional Court Halts “Novi Sad Waterfront”


An initiative to assess the constitutionality of the procedure of drawing up and adopting the General Urban Plan of Novi Sad Until 2030, adopted on 21 July 2022, has been submitted by RERI to the Constitutional Court with a request that proceedings begin, keeping in mind that the plan was adopted contrary to the procedures mandated by the Law on Planning and Construction.

The procedure for drawing up the General Urban Plan of Novi Sad was initiated back in 2009, when the Decision on drawing up the plan was adopted, setting 30 June 2011 as the deadline.

The public consultation was organized only on 28 December 2021, more than 10 years after the deadline for the plan’s drafting had passed. However, the City Administration of Novi Sad had skipped one of the most important steps when drawing up and adopting planning documents – organizing an early public consultation.

Zijin Copper continues illegal construction in Bor

RERI and the Association of Young Researchers Bor (AYR Bor) submitted extraordinary inspection surveillance requests to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure due to the suspicion that the company “Serbia Zijin Bor Copper” doo Bor illegally constructed a mining wastewater treatment plant – without a construction permit and without approval on the environmental impact assessment study.

The Law on Planning and Construction prohibits construction before obtaining a final decision on a construction permit and notice of works, while the Law on Environmental Impact Assessment prohibits construction without the consent of the competent authority on the environmental impact assessment (EIA) study.

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