RERI Filed Criminal Charge against Responsible in Linglong for performing Construction Works without Construction Permit

Photo: RERI archive

RERI’s lawyers filed a criminal charge against the responsible in Linglong International Europe Ltd. Zrenjanin, China Energy Engineering Group Tianjin Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. and CRE International Ltd. Belgrade due to suspicion that they performed construction works on the construction of the tire factory in the City of Zrenjanin without the construction permit.

Due to the suspicion that the investor started performing construction works on the construction of auxiliary facilities within the tire factory complex of the investor Linglong International Europe Ltd. before the construction permit became effective i.e. before the certificate of the registration of work was issued, RERI submitted the request to the City Inspection of Zrenjanin on 27 May 2020, demanding that they conduct an extraordinary inspection surveillance, providing photos that confirm these suspicions.

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